Who is LAPAN? This is the Main Program of the Falling Meteor Observation Website

In order to know what a meteor fall observation website is, of course you have to know what the main program is. It should be noted that LAPAN is the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space, one of which can observe falling meteors.

Make no mistake, this LAPAN has been around for a long time so you don’t have to doubt this one institution. The presence of LAPAN in Indonesia can also observe various things, one of which is if a meteor falls. The following are some of the main programs run by LAPAN:

Sonda Propulsion Rocket
The Sonda booster rocket or what can be called RX (Experimental Rocket) has been prepared to launch an independent satellite in 2014. This is also supported by the development of the Satellite Launch Vehicle or SLV organized by LAPAN and will be completed in 2024. When it is finished, later the RX rocket will be tested at the Pameungpeuk Rocket Test Base, Garut, West Java. This RX has various types ranging from RX 100, RX 250, RX 320, RX 420, RX 520, RX 550 and ECX1000H1.

The RX 100 is the first RX type which includes a rocket diameter of about 110 mm, a weight of 30 kg, a length of about 1900 mm and a solid type. Then this first type of rocket has a maximum speed of up to Mach 1.7. Even this rocket is able to cover a distance of up to 11 km and has a height of about 7 km. Don’t get me wrong, this RX 100 rocket has also been successfully piloted by the Indonesian Army together with PT Pindad on March 31, 2009 ago. Successfully tested using Panzer Pindad and managed to cover a distance of about 24 km. Then the next type is the RX 250 which has been tested from 1987 to 2005. Meanwhile, there is also the RX 320 which has the largest diameter of 320 mm. And has been tested since May 30 and July 2, 2008.

Then there is the fourth type of rocket, the RX 420. The RX 420 has various specifications ranging from a rocket diameter of about 420 mm. Then has a rocket length of 6200 mm, has a solid type propellant. Even this rocket only takes 13 seconds to do the ignition of the rocket. And it is predicted that the RX 420 will be able to fly in 205 seconds. Not only that, this rocket is also capable of having a maximum speed of about Mach 4.5. Then this rocket can cover a distance of about 101 km and can reach a height of up to 53 km. RX 42 was also successfully tested on July 2, 2009 and using raw materials from within the country.

Apart from rockets, satellites are the main program used by meteor crash observation websites. Please note that this satellite is a program that has been running since 2000. In addition to being an observation tool, satellites have also become one of the most important technologies for all sectors, because satellites are the main source of communication in all fields of economy, business, casino online and online gaming. This satellite program can be used to take images of the earth, disaster mitigation, radio communications, and control sea traffic. Satellites also have many types, ranging from Indonesian Nano Satellite, LAPAN – Techische Universitat Berlin Satellite. There is also LAPAN – Indonesian Radio Amateur Organization, and LAPAN – Bogor Agricultural University, Transportation Planes and others. LAPAN is well known for its various main programs. No wonder this meteor observation website plays an important role in several ways. Now there is no need to be confused when asked about a meteor fall observation website. Hope this helps.