The Development of Information Technology From Time To Time

Information is the most valuable thing for mankind. Without it, everything that is desired is very difficult to materialize in reality. In the past, the flow to convey information could be done through writing on leaves or clay. It is recorded that the year 4000 BC was an era for delivering endless information. This means that everyone has difficulty connecting the two parties to a large scale.
Time by time it is growing. Where the emergence of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) was used by the Sumerians to channel their aspirations. Not only that, the Ancient Egyptians and Chinese were also involved in moving relations between tribes and groups. However, the media that was run still did not find the best results. And this is the development of ICT that occurs from time to time.

The Emergence of Print Media
The entry of AD around the 1900s, several countries around the world also started communication by using print media. As it is known that this era began to develop newspapers, magazines, books, postmen and couriers for the upper middle class.

At that time a machine has emerged that helps the affairs of every human being to develop circulating information. Some of the world’s most famous inventors have successfully created tools to unify work relationships. A number of well-known companies are increasingly moving this field to facilitate all fields. Until now the media is still running forever.

Via Electronic Wave
The technique of ICT movement is always advancing faster than anyone’s thinking power. In the early 1950s, a number of inventors have emerged who use electronic waves as a communication channel. In fact, at that time a number of mass media such as Amplifier, LP Records, Radio and TV appeared.

Ironically, not everyone is able to have these sophisticated tools for their daily needs. Sometimes they have to be neighbors to enjoy live broadcasts when the world’s best sport kicks off. Not a few of them also bet on online gambling just to get a big profit.

Digitalization Age
The development of TV and radio media is increasingly sticking out in the era of digitalization. Where this condition has occurred since the 2000s. The level of sophistication of ICT at that time was increasingly in demand among the world community. Because the television screen is no longer black and white. So that everyone can catch news easily regarding the latest information that will appear in the future.

Electronic devices such as telephones are also growing. Where some people can use these tools to connect long-term cooperation. And then the advent of the mobile phone which succeeded in juggling everyone’s difficulties in communicating. Although not perfect, but they can enjoy it quickly and easily.

Internet World
And the next few years right at the emergence of the internet world. Any information can be contained quickly and appropriately. Several companies have been competing to bring mobile phones (mobile phones) to computers (laptops) that require an internet connection. The level of use of the media is very suitable for the future successor of the nation.

Especially in the 2020s, Millennials today seem to spend a lot of time playing with HP and Laptops. That’s because the tool is the most accurate channel of information and communication. Many people believe that the times will continue to increase without stopping. It is not impossible that in the following years the most sophisticated media will appear ready to dominate the world of ICT.