Interesting Things about Meteor Shower Phenomenon

Outer space or outer space is something that always attracts attention. It refers to a region beyond the earth’s surface, or what people commonly refer to as the sky. However, the sky is a general term, and then it can later be seen further and deeper because outer space itself holds a variety of interesting things, ranging from the solar system, galaxies, planets and their satellites, stars, to asteroids and meteors. There are many extraterrestrial phenomena that can occur as well, and one of them is the phenomenon of shooting stars or meteor showers. This is a very unique phenomenon and often becomes an event that looks very amazing when viewed from the surface of the earth.

In this case, shooting stars and meteor showers are certainly not as simple as their names. When it comes to shooting stars, it’s not really a star falling to earth. In this case, the star is a very large celestial object, and the sun is also classified as a star and this is the closest to the earth. You can imagine yourself when it is true that the falling star is a star category like the sun. Of course, it will no longer be an interesting thing but will instead be a frightening phenomenon because of course the size of a star is generally many times larger than the earth. They are all said to be shooting stars because there is a light that then looks like it passes or falls from the sky, from what usually stars look like they are still in the sky.

Even more interesting is the phenomenon of meteor showers. Meteor showers do not mean that hundreds to thousands of meteors descend to the earth’s surface like a rain that you usually find. In this case, what is meant as a meteor itself is an outer space object that resembles a rock. It can be said to fall and look like a rain because the space object is attracted by the earth’s gravity and then the space object enters the earth’s atmosphere and falls to the earth’s surface. What looks like rain is indeed a splinter from the space object which then moves and looks like something burning in the sky.

What looks luminous is actually a friction process from the surface of the space object or meteor with the Earth’s atmosphere. The atmosphere is the layer above the earth’s surface and it functions like a protective layer or wall. The shape does not look like a wall, but more like a layer of high pressure air which then prevents objects that can harm the earth. The collision process between celestial bodies such as meteors and asteroids is what gives rise to light. The high-speed friction process generates heat so that it looks like a fire. However, due to its considerable distance from the earth’s surface, it looks like a spark and looks like a moving or falling star. When many objects enter the atmosphere, a meteor shower occurs.

This phenomenon is indeed very interesting. There are several reasons for this. Meteors, asteroids, and other celestial bodies that enter the atmosphere usually occur because the earth rotates and evolves in an area where then in the path of its rotation there are clusters of extraterrestrial bodies. Because of the high gravitational attraction of the earth, then the celestial body is attracted and triggers a meteor shower. In addition, there is also a phenomenon when the path of the earth’s rotation intersects with the path of the asteroid’s movement so that the asteroid crosses the area of ​​the earth’s atmosphere and causes a spark like a shooting star.