Have Heard of Remote Surveillance Websites? Here are the various facilities

Who doesn’t know LAPAN? It should be noted that LAPAN is an institution that is not included in the Indonesian ministry. But make no mistake LAPAN also has various things, ranging from history, types of rockets, satellites to various facilities.

No wonder this makes many people still rely on LAPAN as an Indonesian non-ministerial institution. Please note that there are many facilities provided by LAPAN. Here are some of the facilities below:

Center for the Study of Aerospace Policy and Information
The center for the study of aerospace policy and information is located at Jalan Cisadane No. 25, Cikini, Central Jakarta. In addition, this place is centered in the field of international aerospace policy studies. Then there is the field of aerospace legal policy studies and aerospace information systems.

Pekayon Remote Sensing Center
In addition to Central Jakarta, LAPAN also has facilities in Pasar Rebo, East Jakarta. It should be noted that the Pekauyon remote sensing center is the office of LAPAN’s Deputy for Remote Sensing. Even this place is also used for various things. Starting from the Senses Data Center, the Center for Technology Development and the Utilization of Senses. Then there is also the LAPAN Weather and Environmental Satellite Control Center.

Bandung Space Center
The Bandung Space Center is one of the offices of LAPAN’s Deputy for Space and Aerospace Science. Usually consists of the Center for Space Science, Science Center, Atmospheric Technology and various other things.
Rumpin . Aviation and Rocket Technology Center Apart from being in Jakarta, LAPAN also has facilities that are no less cool in Bogor. In Bogor there are 2 facilities, namely the Rumpin Flight and Rocket Technology Center and the Rancabugur Satellite Technology Center. The Rumpin Aviation and Rocket Technology Center is an office in the LAPAN Aerospace Technology field.Meanwhile, Rancabugur is one of the locations used as a satellite assembly site after the development of LAPAN-TUBSAT. In addition, the location in Rancabugur can be used as the LAPAN Satellite Communications Control Center.

Garut Space and Atmospheric Technology Test and Observation Center

This facility is located in Pameungpeuk, precisely in Garut, West Java. Please note this location is the location of the launch of the rockets. Even at that location there is an Aerospace Observation Station

Sumedang Aerospace Observation Center
The facility for observing the falling meteor website was inaugurated for the first time in 1975. At that time, LPD Tanjungsari was conducting solar observations up to the ionosphere. The observations used the 8-inch NGT Telescope.
Not only that, Tanjungsari LPD also uses various other tools. Call it the 8-inch Celestron Telescope, Radio Spectrograph SN 4000, Automatic Weather Station and Total Electro Content Meter.

Watukosek Earth Observation Center
First inaugurated in 1983, at that time BPD Watukosek was conducting observations of the atmosphere, climatology and solar activity. As for some of the installations used also vary. Starting from the BREWER Spectrometer, DASIBI Land Ozone Monitor, H-alpha Solar Telescope, Sunspot Telescope, and Stratosphere Balloons.

Kototabang Aerospace Observatory
This facility is located in the city of Padang, West Sumatra, which has been inaugurated since 2001. At that time, SPD Kototabang was 900 m above sea level. Even this location also has various antennas such as the Equatorial Atmospheric Radar (EAR).

No wonder there are so many facilities provided by the meteor fall observation website. The presence of some of the facilities above can also help you in observing various things. How? I understand?