Famous and Strong Teams in European Football

Famous and Strong Teams in European Football – In term of football, it seems that Europe will become the central attention. This continent has some great football leagues that always draw attention from all fans. There are English Premiere League, La Liga of Spain, Bundesliga of German, and Serie A of Italy. These four leagues are central attentions whenever the competition starts. In each of the league, there are some great teams that always get enormous supports with great fans from all over the world. These are some great teams that can be called as the stars of the European Football. And each match of the famous competiton will be available in the BETTING ONLINE system.

First, there is Bayern Munich. This team can become the dominator of Bundesliga of German. It is quite different from other teams. So far, the strong competitor is Dortmund. However, domination of Bayern Munich is too great. The funds and great composition of the team become the strength of the team. That is why it is worth to get the name as the dominator of the league. The team also has long history. Moreover, it is not only strong in German. In many competitions involving other teams from other countries, Bayern Munich also can compete well, even in the Champions League that become the highest level of club competition in the Europe. That is why it is worth become one of the strongest team in Europe.

Meteorshowersonline.com – In Italian football, there is Juventus. This also becomes one of the dominator in its country’s league. Juventus has won many trophies in Serie A. The team can also compete well in Champions League although they never take the trophy. So far, Juventus only become the finalist in 2015 and 2017. In Serie A, situation is quite different from Bundesliga where Bayern Munich is very hard to be defeated. There are also many competitors that can compete with Juventus. For example, there are Inter Milan, AC Milan, and AS Roma. That is why the league may become more competitive. So far, Juventus gets stronger since they successfully recruited Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid.

In Spain’s La Liga, there is Barcelona. Barcelona becomes one of the strongest team in Europe with many La Liga titles. Even, they have scored twice as the winner of Champions League. The existence of Lionel Messi becomes one of the strong factor that make Barcelona strong enough in the league. However, the La Liga is quite competitive. There is Real Madrid that becomes the strongest rival. Even, it can be said that Real Madrid may have better stories in term of titles that they have obtained, especially in the Champion League. There is also Atletico Madrid as the third competitor. Regarding the Real Madrid, it even has ever becomes one of the richest football club for some years.

In Premiere League, there is Manchester United. Right now, The Red Devils may no longer become strong as the old days. Since Sir Alex Ferguson retired from the team as manager, Manchester United start to face various hardship to climb the rank. Fortunately, the team gets second position in the latest season. Premiere League can become the best league since the competition is harder. There are many great teams. For example, there is Manchester City that becomes strong teams in recent years. Then, there are Chelsea, Liverpool, and Arsenal that used to become the big four of the league in era of 90s together with Manchester United. Nowadays, it is harder to predict the ranking in the Premiere League.